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beers (La Gorge Fraîche)

La Gorge Fraîche Blanche

is another full flavoured, complex, sipping beer and is made from wheat andbarley, both showing. It is up with the best wheat beers of Belgium and I drink it the Belgian way (pour more than half the bottle into your glass then swill the rest around in the bottle to stir up the deposits and add to the first pour); the only style to drink cloudy. It is refreshing and thirst quenching with interesting coriander, ginger, candied orange and light hop complexities, There is arefreshing fresh ginger attack on swallowing and a very long fresh ginger and orange aftertaste. With more flavour than most wheat beers it is way above the quality of the commercially styled, industrially made wheat beers widely available in France.

It is rare to find a ‘sipping’ wheat beer.

La Gorge Fraîche Blonde

is darker than most with an attractive colour and has more extract, body and flavour than the other French blondes. It is a mouth filling yetrefreshing, malty, hoppy, complex brew with hints of candied orange and caramel, but above all it is its balance that is so good - body, bitterness, sweetness, sparkle, head and alcohol are all in perfect balance; none are prominent, creating a harmonious whole. A lingering taste of yeast, spicy-fruity hops, malt and some sweetness complete the pleasure.

Ablonde to sip and contemplate.

La Gorge Fraîche Ambrée (nouvelle)

is quite dark for an amber beer with a fuller taste and less sweet and alcoholic than most; more towards a light, quality brown beer but with a refreshing, tangy, lingering finish.

Very quaffable because of its extraordinary balance with the sweetness and alcohol (5%) very well under control, it has notes of lightly caramelised caramel centred chocolates, a slight nuttiness and a light taste of molasses.

A perfect summer amber beer.

La Gorge Fraîche d'Hiver

After months of sunshine and excitement of the harvest, people of the south enters the cottages to endure the winter cold north wind. The great hermit breaststroke this beer with more malt to give more character, and incorporates a highly flavored hops he grows on the terraces. The whole forms an amber color with coppery appearance and spicy notes which give the consumer instant a feeling of warmth and joy to share with friends by the fire.